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Aquajet XT

Aquajet XT

Our gantry is meticulously designed for precise control over the high-pressure cleaning process. Unlike other systems that utilize v-jet nozzles, our Turbo nozzles deliver superior impingement, effectively eliminating dirt and grime that has been loosened by presoak chemicals. Plus, a comprehensive range of up-sell options translates to increased revenue for you.

Key Benefits:

  • Advanced AquaJet XT Technology: We employ cutting-edge turbo technology to powerfully remove dirt from vehicles. What’s more, our added contouring feature ensures an even more thorough cleaning.
  • Enhanced Cleaning with HyperTilt: Our HyperTilt innovation rotates the top boom, optimizing cleaning efficiency for both the front and rear of vehicles.
  • Tailored Pump Configurations: Choose from a variety of pump configurations suitable for average and high-volume sites, ensuring a customized fit for your specific needs.
  • Sustainability in Action: Proudly reducing water and chemical consumption, our system sets an example for eco-friendly touchless solutions.

Experience the difference of AquaJet XT’s precision and efficiency. Join the ranks of satisfied operators benefiting from our technology, raising the bar for touchless car wash excellence.

Aquajet xt


  • Tri-color foam to enhance the customer experience.
  • WheelJet brushes or WheelStorm high pressure to thoroughly clean wheels.
  • FoamTecs® foam curtain with multi-color LED light show wows customers.
  • ShineTecs® polish system restores new car shine.