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Ryko Radius

Ryko Radius

With a legacy of innovation spanning nearly three decades in the touchless car wash industry, Ryko proudly offers the Radius car wash – an epitome of user-friendliness and effortless maintenance. What sets the Radius car wash apart from its competitors’ touchless counterparts?

Maximized Efficiency: The Radius car wash operates with unparalleled water efficiency, translating to substantial cost savings and a substantial boost to your bottom line. Say goodbye to wastage and hello to increased profitability.

Cutting-Edge Technology: At the heart of the Radius lies a culmination of powerful, cutting-edge flow concepts and meticulously crafted spray-pattern designs. These innovations work in harmony to transcend conventional standards of wash quality, ensuring an unparalleled cleanliness and shine for every vehicle.

Ryko radius HT


  • High throughput cleaning technology
  • Complete stainless steel gantry and mounting system construction
  • Ultrasonic positioning and smooth arm travel
  • Fully enclosed gantry
  • Dual manifold presoak and cleaning arm
  • Halo rinse system
  • Standard tilt arm
  • Minimum wash time: 120 seconds
  • Throughput: Approx 30 Cars an hour
  • Add-on options and different packages available