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SoftWash DF

SoftWash DF

A cost-effective solution delivering premium cleaning results.  With a commitment to maintaining superior cleaning outcomes while optimizing costs, our SoftWash DF stands as a testament to economical efficiency. Employing the same trusted 3-brush technology and patented SofTecs foam as our esteemed SoftWash XT, the SoftWash DF is tailored for those who prioritize uncompromised cleanliness over driving higher revenue per car. This workhorse finds its perfect match in car dealers aiming to enhance customer satisfaction and elevate CSI scores, as well as convenience stores focused on efficient volume handling and minimal wait times.

Experience the pinnacle of cost-effective excellence with SoftWash DF. Elevate your car cleaning operations and reap the benefits of a solution trusted by a global community of satisfied users.

Soft wash

Key Benefits:

⚬ Optimal Operating Economy: SoftWash DF is unparalleled in offering the lowest operating costs among rollover systems, all while ensuring the highest standard of cleaning.

⚬ Streamlined Focus: Ideal for car dealers and retailers who prioritize straightforward, thorough car cleaning without the need for up-sell options.

⚬ Patented SofTecs Foam Brilliance: Our patented SofTecs foam, seamlessly integrated into our innovative 3-brush design, guarantees a secure and polished vehicle cleaning process.

⚬ Tested and Proven: With a widespread presence across over 35,000 sites worldwide, our SoftWash DF design comes with an assurance of reliability.


⚬ Chemicals located on-board/no equipment room required.

⚬ HubScrub wheel brushes to thoroughly clean wheels.

⚬ Choice of on-board or freestanding dryers.