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Choice Wash

Choice Wash

Experience versatility with ChoiceWash XT: The Ultimate Fusion of Washing Options. Unlock the power of dual washing formats with ChoiceWash XT – the unified solution that seamlessly merges the soft-touch capabilities of our acclaimed SoftWash XT and the touchless prowess of our AquaJet XT, all within a single comprehensive rollover system. With ChoiceWash XT, your wash menu gains the flexibility to feature friction programs, touch-free programs, and a captivating combination program that commands a premium price.

ChoiceWash XT: Your Path to Unmatched Versatility and Revenue Growth. Elevate your car wash operations and offer your customers a truly superior and all-encompassing washing experience that only ChoiceWash XT can provide.

Touch less & soft choice wash

Key Benefits:

⚬ Patented SofTecs Foam Brilliance: Immerse your vehicle in the luxurious care of our patented SofTecs foam, delivering a gentle yet thorough cleaning and polishing experience that leaves your ride gleaming like new.

⚬ Turbo Technology Brilliance: Our turbo technology contours the vehicle, ensuring extended contact time for a more thorough and effective cleaning process.

⚬ Amplified Revenue Potential: Experience a remarkable revenue boost with our combination wash package that not only guarantees Clean, Dry, and Shiny vehicles but also significantly enhances your profitability.


⚬ Tri-color foam to enhance the customer experience.

⚬ WheelJet brushes or WheelStorm high pressure to thoroughly clean wheels.

⚬ FoamTecs® foam curtain with multi-color LED light show wows customers.

⚬ ShineTecs® polish system restores new car shine.