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Macneil Express Drive Thru

Macneil Express Drive Thru

Perfectly Suited for Diverse Industries such as Automotive Dealerships and Fleet Services, the MacNeil ExpressLane Drive-Through Car Wash System seamlessly integrates into vehicle wash centers. Its compact footprint requires minimal space, eliminating concerns about intricate plumbing or electrical work. Like the rest of the esteemed MacNeil product range, anticipate exceptional cleaning results and optimized throughput, courtesy of the top-tier, low-maintenance components.

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Key Features:

  • Z-Frame Design: The combination of Wrap-around side and top brushes ensures unmatched cleaning efficacy.
  • Efficient Electric Drive System: Powered by an all-electric drive mechanism, promoting efficiency and reliability.
  • Enhanced Cleaning with Envirosoft Foam: Experience a quicker and gentler clean with the advanced Envirosoft Foam technology.
  • Precise Application Arches: Strategically placed Application Arches for presoak and rinse, guaranteeing a thorough cleaning process.