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Macneil Express Tunnel

Macneil Express Tunnel

Engineered Excellence: The Ultimate Retail Profit Solution

Introducing the MacNeil Express Wash Tunnel System – your ultimate solution for elevating your retail profit center. Discover a meticulously designed system with innovation at its core, ensuring reliability, safety, and efficiency like never before.

Unmatched Performance: Experience the pinnacle of reliability, speed, and quiet operation with MacNeil Express Tunnels. Whether you’re embarking on a new venture or upgrading an existing site, our solutions guarantee faster returns on investment with lower total ownership costs.

Proven Components for Unwavering Excellence. Our reputation rests on proven MacNeil components that exhibit unparalleled longevity, high performance, and minimal maintenance requirements. These components have earned their stripes across global sites.

Boost Profits, Minimize Costs: The MacNeil Difference. Discover the power of a MacNeil conveyor car wash – a potent addition to your dealership. Our systems outshine the competition, offering swifter operations and better control over chemical and water expenses.

Elevate customer satisfaction and amplify profits through an enriched dealership experience.

Elevate your retail game with MacNeil Express Wash Tunnel System – your gateway to retail profit optimization.

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Key Components Delivering Excellence:

  • Conveyor Efficiency: The XR1000 conveyor sets a new standard in reliability and safety within the industry. Its streamlined design and pioneering features make it the most dependable and secure conveyor available.
  • Complete Presoak: Our Versa Arches, streamers, foamers, and tire chemical applicators ensure comprehensive coverage while optimizing product usage. Purpose-specific nozzles for each application guarantee unparalleled performance.
  • Gentle Friction Wash: The Top Brush, SuperFlex Wrap-Arounds, and High and Low Side Washers meticulously cleanse all vehicle surfaces with utmost care.
  • High-Pressure Wash and Rinse: Powered by the Magnum Pumping Station, our Magnum Series equipment (wheel, side, or bumper blasters) deliver precision and power. Enjoy the quiet reliability of this pumping station.
  • Efficient Rinse, Shine, and Dry: Versa Arches, coupled with versatile manifolds, facilitate precise chemical application. Our Tech 21 Drying System grants you full control over the drying process. Elevate energy efficiency with Smart Nozzles and PowerLocks.