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Softgloss MAXX 5

Softgloss MAXX 5


Width, Height, Length
Maximum Vehicle Height 84”
Maximum Vehicle Width (Body) 99”
Maximum Vehicle Width (Tire to Tire) 80”
Maximum Vehicle Length (with 2′ Track Extension) 19′ (21′)”


Width and Height
Bay Dimensions
Minimum Bay Width 15’2” (14’6″ – Requires Machine Adjustments)
Minimum Bay Height 11’4”


Machine Options
Unobstructed Bay Length
With Slimline Dry Bay Length
With or Without On-board Dry 32’9″ 37’1”
With Optional Track Extensions 34’9″ 39’1”


Water 40 PSI @ 40 GPM, 1”
Air 100 PSI @ 3 CFM, 3/8”
Electrical 208/230V AC, 60 HZ, 3 Phase,and 120V AC, 60 HZ, 1 Phase
OR 460V AC, 60 HZ, 3 Phase,and 120V AC, 60 HZ, 1 Phase

Gentle, Yet Powerful Five-Brush Car Wash

The SoftGloss Maxx is new and improved to better wow your customers! The new LED lighting package will give your customers a spectacular light display and keep them coming back to your wash. Also, with the improved Colorwave and Trifoam applications will give car wash customers an exciting show.

A proven success in the car wash industry, SoftGloss MAXX is a friction car wash that drives profits and satisfied customers. You won’t find its combination of features and benefits anywhere else but from Ryko. Equipped with our exclusive FoamBrite wash material, the SoftGloss MAXX offers a dependable, thorough cleaning that will send your customer satisfaction levels—and your sales—soaring.

  • NEW Washbuilder- Touchscreen programmer for diagnostics and monitoring
  • Virtual treadle
  • Chemical injection panel
  • Accommodates duallies and other oversize vehicles
  • All electric drive motors
  • Aluminum frame
  • Cost-efficient chemical application
  • Exclusive FoamBrite brushes
  • Five split brushes for fastest wash time
  • Low-profile vehicle detection and tall side arms
  • Onboard programmable logic controller (PLC) computer
  • Open, clutter-free bay
  • Proven technology
  • Reclaim-ready wash manifold
  • RykoNet II arming
  • Soft oscillation
  • Sonar mapping for a precise vehicle wash
  • Steel MAXX track floor mount
  • Tall rear wash arms for large vehicles
  • Top brush interrupt for pickup truck beds
  • Ultrasonic mapping
  • Variable-frequency drives
  • NEW! LED Tunnel Effect Lighting Package
  • ColorWave finishing curtain applicator with LED accent lighting package (available in red, yellow or blue)
  • Connectivity and diagnostics with RykoTrax
  • Double-extension, full-retracting wheel scrub
  • High-impact MAXX side and rear fascia covers
  • High-pressure turbo wash
  • Onboard dryers
  • Onboard precision tire chemical applicator
  • One-step presoak
  • Presoak manifold
  • Rainshield compatible
  • Rotating rocker blaster and under-chassis wash
  • Affinity entrance and spot-free rinse arches
  • Auto door kit (loop or photo-eye)
  • Bay buzzer
  • Driver informational and wash package signage
  • EnterAct or PaySmart activation systems
  • Entrance clearance bar
  • Environmentalist reclaim system
  • Fixed undercar wash or undercar wash with fixed wheel and rocker panel blaster
  • Off-board SlimLine, ThrustPro and MacNeil Tech 21 dryer options
  • Pivoting wheel blaster
  • Rainmaker III and EnviR/O spot-free systems
  • Spotlight option
  • UltraClear high-filtration water recovery systems